Eino Leino House Book Days

Eino Leino was a poet and journalist and is considered one of the pioneers of Finnish poetry. He was born on an estate called Hövelö in Paltaniemi. The Eino Leino Heritage House was built in 1978 according to this original house that Elias Lönnrot (1802-1884) owned for a while, and and that was later the birth home of Eino Leino (1878-1926). The house is located on a beautiful spot on the bank of Lake Oulujärvi.  Both the Elias Lönnrot society and Eino Leino society of Kainuu use the house for their events, and the house exhibits the life and works of both Elias Lönnrot and Eino Leino. The house is also available for private events like meetings and weddings.

The annual Paltaniemi Days and Eino Leino House Book Days in July are a combination of sales event, presentations, lectures, concerts, meeting old and new acquaintances and attending evening events. The main venues of the event are at the Eino Leino House and Paltaniemi School in Paltaniemi village, about 10 km from Kajaani center.


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