Leisure Life

There are over 12 000 summer cabins in Kainuu. Also the tourism centres of the region provide holiday makers with holiday homes for both short term and long term stays. There’s plenty to do for holiday makers here, as well. Come and taste the freedom of Kainuu!

Looking for a Place of Your Own?


Leisure Activities

You’ll find the current information on the services, events and destinations worth a visit in each of the Kainuu municipalities best by following the municipal information channels. We have gathered some links for you below.

Remote Working

Forget the endless commuting and  dull office interiors, remote working and multilocationality are here! Adapting to the new world situation has made place-independent work the new norm. Work from the peace of your home or summer cottage if it suits you best, or take advantage of the remote work points available in Kainuu. Fall in love with the multiple remote working opportunities in Kainuu!

Remote Working