Swamp Soccer World Championships

Swamp Soccer World Championships are played annually in Vuorisuo swamp in Hyrynsalmi, Kainuu. The first swamp soccer tournament was arranged in 1998, and after that, the event has grown bigger in size and also become international. Since year 2000, the event has been arranged as world championship tournament.

Competitions are attended by nearly 200 teams and more than 2,000 players from different countries. The audience included, there are up to 20 000 visitors at the event. The event is suitable for all those who enjoy the fun of being together, playing sports and wanting to experience unforgettable experiences.

The event location Vuorisuo is located in Hyrynsalmi, about 10 kilometers south from Hyrynsalmi, along the highway number 5. During the games, there is a non-stop transportation from Ukkohalla resort (25 kilometers away) for both players and spectators.

Hallan Karhu-restaurant and the Swamp Rock Arena at Ukkohalla welcome the fans of swamp soccer to have fun together in the evenings.

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