Linda Settled Down in Kajaani

After finishing high school Linda Khan, originally from Germany, was dreaming about international experiences. Due to spending some family holidays in the Nordics she had always felt drawn to the region. During an education fair in Berlin, she met a teacher from Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, who advertised Kajaani and KAMK so well that Linda decided to apply and ended up studying in Kainuu.

After her studies in Kajaani as planned, Linda went on to study her master’s degree in Sweden and further to work in interesting tourism jobs in Germany. Returning to Kainuu wasn’t in her plans, although she had liked it here. However, faith had some different plans and love ended up bringing Linda back to Kainuu. Currently, Linda has started a family in Kajaani and works as a part time tourism teacher at KAMK.

In Kajaani Linda met like-minded friends who she loves to spend time with, for example baking together. Walking is another important hobby of Linda, and she appreciates Kajaani’s excellent walking routes, and the nature and peacefulness in general. Linda says she couldn’t be happier with a place choice to raise a family than in Kajaani.

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