Four Seasons and the Feeling of Freedom

Kainuu is an adventure paradise for nature loving people, a considerable excursion destination for outdoor enthusiasts and a snow-guaranteed favorite winter sports centre. There’s a lot to see and experience for culture enthusiasts, as well.

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Below you’ll find the municipalities of Kainuu and some examples what to see there.

Facts and Figures

71 257
4 639
1,93 million
hectares of forest
27 218
61 %
of renewable energy
12 100
summer cabins

Tourist Areas

Movie Making

”Kainuu is a great region. A good place for doing anything at. Beautiful, with pristine nature, and, of course, with great people.”

-Director Aku Louhimies-

Great Authors of Kainuu

Get to know the Kainuu of Elias Lönnrot, Isa Aspin Eino Leinon Ilmari Kianto and Veikko Huovinen.

Regional Anthem

Each of the Finnish regions has their regional anthems. Among those, the regional anthem of Kainuu might be the most famous one. The lyrics are written by Ilmari Kianto and the melody is by Oskar Merikanto. The song is called Nälkämaan Laulu, which may be translated to ”the Song of Hunger Country”.  The lyrics describe the natural beauty of Kainuu region, the hard-working nature of the Kainuu people, and their pride of their homeland.

Kainuu Municipalities

We're in the Middle of Finland!

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