Raate Marathon and Raate March

The battles of the Winter War in Suomussalmi and especially on Raate road interest tens of thousands of people every year and are a tourist asset of the region. The Raate marathon is also run in the same landscapes known for the legendary battles, from the border zone to Suomussalmi municipal center. The historic marathon route includes several Winter War battlefields and monuments.

The purpose of the Raate Marathon is to honor the generation of veterans who fought for independent Finland in the battles of Raate Road and to cherish the history of Raate Road. In addition to the Raate Marathon, you can choose also shorter route options.

The Raate march is aimed for the whole family. By organizing the march, we want to honor the work and sacrifices of veterans to preserve our country’s independence and to cherish and preserve the legacy of veterans. The purpose of the march is not to idealize war, but to tell about its insanity. The length of the march is 18 km, from beginning to the end of Raate road, on a low-traffic gravel road, and there are service points along the route. The march can be completed by running, jogging, walking or cycling.

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