Kainuu Key Industries

Kainuu offers a great platform for a wide range of businesses. Tourism, technology industry (metal and ICT sectors), sustainable mining sector and bio economy are currently our key industries but we also boast with our effective regional cooperation, diverse know-how and the courage to innovate and try something new. Read more about regional development in Kainuu!


Bio-economy is the largest private sector industry in Kainuu measured in turnover and number of employees. Bio-economy is a larger entity, covering several industries.

Excavation Industry

Kainuu is a mining region. The excavation industry is of great importance to the employment and the economy in Kainuu.


The importance of tourism industry is considerable in the regional economy of Kainuu, the percentage being the third largest in Finland after Lapland and Åland.

Technology Industry

Exports of technology industry products account for more than half of the region’s total exports and the sector is one of the most important employers in Kainuu.