Work and Education Opportunities

From Kainuu, you’ll find a northern combination of vitality, peaceful nature, high technology and smooth everyday life. The Kainuu region has quality education, work for skilled people and also new business opportunities to offer. Set yourself free and make your dreams come true in Kainuu!

Study in Kainuu

There is something interesting for everyone in the offerings of our nationally and internationally acclaimed educational institutions. We aim to meet the needs of working life in the region, but also to create something new and bring well-being to the whole of Kainuu. The unique degree programs, a global network of collaborations and a learning environment close to nature together guarantee a unique learning experience. Lifelong learning hasn’t be forgotten about either.

Enter Your Career Path in Kainuu

RekryKainuuLive ia a place where job-seekers and employer needs meet. There are opportunities in Kainuu that they want to help find.


Work in Kainuu

From Kainuu, you’ll find a northern combination of vitality, peaceful nature, high technology and smooth everyday life. We need a wide range of experts here. Bring your skills to Kainuu!

Remote Working

Forget the endless commuting and  dull office interiors, remote working and multilocationality are here! Adapting to the new world situation has made place-independent work the new norm. Work from the peace of your home or summer cottage if it suits you best, or take advantage of the remote work points available in Kainuu. Fall in love with the multiple remote working opportunities in Kainuu!


Entrepreneurial Kainuu

Kainuu is a region full of SMEs and several new companies are founded each year. Many companies are also seeking for new owners in the near future. There is room in Kainuu for new companies and entrepreneurs. Come and explore your opportunities!

Business Kainuu Services for Entrepreneurs

Business Kainuu wants to help you find all the services you need at one address, regardless of the business life cycle you’re currently at.

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Invest In Kainuu

Bio-economy, excavation and chemical industries,  tourism and technology industry are the key industries in Kainuu region. There’s room for industries on all the above mentioned fields of business and on other high-tech sectors. Check out the investment opportunities in Kainuu on the Invest in Kainuu website.

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Key Industries

Kainuu offers a great platform for a wide range of businesses. Tourism, technology industry (metal and ICT sectors), sustainable mining sector and bio economy are currently our  key industries but we also boast with our effective regional cooperation, diverse know-how and the courage to innovate and try something new. Read more about regional development in Kainuu!