Pakko Sanoa!

Pakko Sanoa! theater art festival has been arranged in the small but spirited municipality of Suomussalmi since 2018. The festival offers the audience a diverse and artistically interesting program with a comprehensive sample of the power of monologue theater, solo performances and the necessity to speak up. At the same time, the event creates space for social interaction and encounters within the community.

The program of the weekend-long festival takes into account all age groups, from kindergarten children to the elderly. In addition to the main venue at theater Retikka, performances have also been seen in other locations such as the the grounds of Raate road known for Winter War battles, at the old candy factory, and in the yard of a local inn.

The festival unites local theater makers, leading professionals, enthusiasts and theater students. Theater Retikka, Suomussalmi municipality and Työväen Näyttamöiden liitto (TNL) are responsible for the production.

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