Film Making in Kainuu

The convenient location of Kainuu region in the middle of Finland makes it an easily accessible and convenient destination for both small and large productions. The varying seasons and diverse locations offer ample opportunities to realize different kinds of visions. We understand the needs of productions and can offer you high level accommodation, catering and local guide services suitable for each production. We are delighted to offer all the support we can for the productions carried out in the region, as those usually lead to positive effects, not only from the point of view of the regional economy, but also by increasing the positive reputation of our region in Finland and around the world.

“Kainuu is an awesome place. A great place to do anything in. There’s the beautiful, untouched nature, and of course the great people. “

-Aku Louhimies-

(Picture by Markus Kontiainen)

Kajawood Studios

According to the plan, one of the most significant film production centers in Europe shall rise in the heart of Kainuu, in Vuokatti, Sotkamo in the next few years. The agreements signed in October 2020 have ensured the introduction of several international film productions into the region after the completion of the studios. Through the agreements, the partners are committed to bringing new technology and their own special expertise to develop the studios.

Films and TV Series With Kainuu Connections

Dozens of full-length films, short films and documentaries have been shot in whole or partly in Kainuu. Get to know the region through these productions!