Vuokatin Vaellus

Vuokatin Vaellus is the autumn season-opening event gathering hiking and yoga enthusiasts together in the hilly landscapes of Vuokatti. The event is suitable for everyone, even families.

The landscape of Sotkamo and Vuokatti is dominated by a row of 13 consecutive hills. Wonderful landscapes with blue lakes and green forests open up from the top of the hills. The landscape has often been described as one of Finland’s national landscapes.

The Vuokatin Vaellus event is organized to bring hiking and yoga enthusiasts together. It is suitable for everyone, even families who can entertain themselves on various hiking trails and several leisure activities. Vuokatin Vaellus consists of 3 different events: Hike, Yoga Hike ans Family Hike.

The main area of the event is the Vuokatti Hills where everyone can enjoy themselves in which ever way they want from physical challenges to unforgettable hiking experiences. All hikers that choose to participate in the longest route get to experience the UKK-route´s legendary 13 hills crossing.

Vuokatin Vaellus also offers many other programs and things to do. After all it is Finland’s most diverse resort. There are accommodations available for everyone’s liking.

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