Get Active!

From sports to culture, everything is nearby in Kainuu. The four distinctive seasons of Northern Finland, our sports facilities of good quality and the versatile cultural offering available in Kainuu include something suitable for everyone. Find your own thing and get active!

Let’s meet at the library

There is a public library in each of the Kainuu municipalities, and also library buses serve around the sparsely populated parts of Kainuu.  The library is a great place to learn digital skills, enjoy yourself and meet friends while exploring fascinating information. Libraries increase and support creativity in people of all ages and promote different ways of learning. As well as books, libraries offer a wide variety of services, multi-functional spaces and guidance in finding the content you want and need. Libraries also organise various exhibitions, events and campaigns. Welcome to the public living room!

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Kainuu Culture

Kainuu is a small region  surrounded by forests, but there is a surprisingly versatile cultural life to be experienced in our region. See it, experience it, get immersed in it!

Explore Cultural Contents on Municipal Websites


Kainuu is an all year round paradise for sports enthusiasts. There are many activities to choose from, regardless of yous skill level. Jump-start an active lifestyle in Kainuu! There are many channels available for you to seek more information, such as the regional sports organization Kainuun liikunta, operating in all the municipalities of Kainuu and organizing some really cool events in addition to their everyday work.
Kainuun liikunta

Sports Services of the Kainuu Municipalities

Always Learning Something New!

Are you the one who’s always up to learning something new? So are we! You’ll find plenty of opportunities in Kainuu to develop your skills and know-how.


Kainula Learning Center in Kajaani is formed by two organisations working together: the local summer university and community college called Kainula.  From Kainula, you’ll find open studies based both on the syllabuses of some universities and universities of applied sciences, as well as  continuing vocational training and traditional  community college courses.

Community Colleges

There are several community colleges operating in Kainuu municipalities, operating on the principle of lifelong learning and arranging a large variety of courses from sports to arts, languages and so on. Just name a topic!

Kainuu Music Institute

Kainuu Music Institute organizes basic education in the arts in the fields of music and dance, following the extended syllabus, which is based on the national core curriculum determined by the Finnish National Agency for Education. The institute provides music and dance education in Kajaani, Hyrynsalmi, Paltamo, Puolanka, Ristijärvi, Suomussalmi, Vaala and Vuolijoki. Designed for people of all ages, music and dance lessons at the Music Institute progress flexibly, led by professional teachers.