Youth Work

The future Kainuu is built on the welfare of our young people. It is important to us in Kainuu that no one is left alone. Municipalities and various other organizations offer a wide range of accessible activities for young people. The voice of young people also plays a role in the regional development.

Nuorten Elämää Kainuu

The regional site ”Nuorten Elämää Kainuu”  compiles together information and counseling for young people in different life situations. You can search for information or for example ask questions in the chat (all in Finnish).

Channels for Influencing

Student unions and other elected student bodies or Youth Councils in the municipalities are safe and easy places to learn how to influence things.

Youth Councils

Regional Youth Council MaNu is a politically and religiously independent youth influence group in Kainuu. There also are municipal youth councils in each of the eight municipalities of Kainuu.



There is a hobby for everyone Kainuu.