Experience Kainuu

In Kainuu, you may experience the peace and freedom of wilderness and downshift all year round.

On the other hand, you are surrounded by modern society and technology and free to pioneer with your business here.

Kainuu is about easy everyday living, freedom of choice and beautiful views from a hill to another.

Come and find Kainuu within yourself!

Living in Kainuu

Kainuu offers you the keys to easy everyday life. There’s space for everyone and everything is near and easy to reach. Wide range of hobbies available and well-functioning services combined with nature around you are the basis of Kainuu Lifestyle.

Visiting Kainuu

Kainuu has culture, sports activities and nature experiences to offer, all year round. Whether it is peace and quiet, family time or new experiences that you want, Kainuu could be your paradise!

Bring Your Know-How

From Kainuu, you’ll find a northern combination of vitality, peaceful nature, high technology and smooth everyday life. We need a wide range of experts here, and would also like to offer new business opportunities for companies. Bring your skills to Kainuu, the center of Finland!

Kainuu Events


Events arranged in Kainuu region can be found using an online calendar of events.

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Some Contacts in Kainuu

Kainuu region consists of 8 municipalities, from which Kajaani is the regional capital. The size of our region is comparable to Belgium. However, the population density in Kainuu is only as much as 3,6 inhabitants per km2, so we know each other quite well here. Co-operation within the region, on national and international levels is important for us. Here you’ll find links to some organisations in Kainuu – feel free to contact us!