Lost in Kainuu Adventure Race

Up to 90% of the land area in Kainuu is covered by forests, and there are only 3,5 inhabitants per square kilometer in the region. It would be easy to get lost here, right? Would you like to test your luck and endurance, and to have an adventure?

Lost In Kainuu Adventure Race is arranged annually in a changing location in Kainuu. This adventure race gathers annually about 500-700 adventure racers (amateurs to top athletes) to survive this ultimate challenge of physical and mental endurance.

In the Lost In Kainuu Adventure Race you enjoy hard, versatile and challenging endurance experience with different kinds of disciplines. In this adventure race you can surely challenge yourself and your team mates physically and mentally!

You can join the race if you have basic orienteering and swimming skills and you are at least 18-years-old with the quite good endurance condition. In to the Almost Lost and Casually Lost categories also 15-17-years-old youths are allowed to participate with the parent/custodian approval. To participate in this adventure race does not require any special skills.

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