Annual Regional Gala

The annual regional gala of Kainuu has been arranged since year 1998 in one of the region’s municipalities. The event is arranged in August, around the day dedicated to the official regional flower, Calluna Vulgaris. The event is aimed at all the residents of Kainuu.

The gala program consists of a celebratory speech and other performances planned by the event team (Regional Council of Kainuu and  the organizing municipality). Special recognition is also given to selected people annually, based on their life career or the positive impact they’ve contributed on the regional reputation. Also a merited young person is awarded. These are called Pro Kainuu awards.

The annual regional gala is free to participate, and bus rides (with limited access) are arranged from all the municipalities of Kainuu to the gala location. The bus tickets may be collected from municipal libraries (in Kajaani, from Kajaani Info) according to a certain time table announced each year.  Before the gala programme begins, there traditionally is a free coffee service at the venue.

The Regional Council of Kainuu and the municipalities inform the audience about the gala annually at summertime.

Read more in Finnish (Regional Council of Kainuu)

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