Veisuuvestivaalit Music Event in Ristijärvi

Veisuuvestivaali is the main cultural event of the small Ristijärvi municipality, taking place every year at the beginning of August. There are some amazingly sensitive and emotional concerts available.

Veisuuvestivaali combines light and spiritual music in an easily approachable, communal way. In the event, hymns, classical, contemporary and world music meet; there is room for all the dimensions. Concerts are organized both in the beautiful wooden church of Ristijärvi and at the community center Virtaala. The number of visitors has annually been between 1,000 and 1,900 people: a few times more than the whole population of Ristijärvi together! Veisuuvestivali has claimed its place as a versatile and distinctive festival, attracting visitors from all over Finland.

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