Teleworking is Here to Stay!


Forget the endless commuting and dull office interiors, teleworking and multilocationality are here! Adapting to the new world situation has made place-independent work the new norm.

Work from the peace of your home or summer cottage if it suits you best, or take advantage of the remote work points available in Kainuu. Fall in love with the multiple teleworking opportunities in Kainuu!


Available Teleworking Facilities

Teleworking doesn’t always mean retreating to solitude, but working in groups other than your own work community. For example, municipalities or village communities may provide teleworking facilities that you may reserve for a day or two, or for longer periods.

Working in the Wilderness

In the Wild Taiga region in and around Kuhmo and Suomussalmi, cozy accommodation, convenient services and the complete peace and silence of the surrounding wilderness create an ideal setting for teleworking. After work, it is easy to shift to holiday mode while remaining in the same beautiful surroundings and engaging in a variety of activities or just relaxing in the bosom of nature.

Browse Wild Taiga Teleworking Packages

High-speed Connections in Kainuu

A reliable high-speed internet connection is becoming a basic utility similar to water and electricity. We have built fixed fiber connections with national funding in Kainuu since 2011. The availability of fiber optic network in the end of 2019 covered 32% of the households in Kainuu. Counting all the fixed connections, the availability rate (Download ≥ 100 Mbit/s) rises to 58 %. As wireless connections complement the fixed network in and around Kainuu, the opportunities for teleworking are good.

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