See & Do in Sotkamo

The great production of Huovinen reflects the Sotkamo region a lot, the forests, the people, the life.. You can easily dive into the mindset of Huovinen’s stories in Sotkamo. Come and experience it yourself!

Veikko Huovinen's Grave, Rauhantie 11

Veikko Huovinen died in October 2009. He was buried in the Sotkamo cemetery.
On his grave, there is a round memorial stone reminding of the literary heritage he left behind: ”I left, but my landscapes will remain”.

The Former Fire Watcher's Hut, Vuokatinvaara Hill

This small, historical building on top of Vuokatinvaara hill has served as a fire watcher’s hut and a war time observation point, among other things. In 1948, while studying to be a forester, Veikko Huovinen was also working as a fire watcher and stayed at the hut for a summer. Today, the house hosts a slope café called Ripa’s Kuppila, open from February to March. The old guest books from the 1930s are still found from the hut.

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