See & Do in Suomussalmi

Many kinds of stories  echo in the air of Suomussalmi. The famous author Ilmari Kianto was a colorful person, and quite productive.
Ilmari Kianto’s many stories are well known around Finland, and so are the stories of the decisive battles of Raate Road.
Come and dive into these and many more stories in Suomussalmi!

Ilmari Kianto Statue, Viitostie 243

The Ilmari Kianto statue, commissioned from  sculptor Kain Tapper, was unveiled on August 4, 1974, when Ilmari Kianto would have turned 100 years old. President Urho Kekkonen gave a speech about the author he admired. Later on, the statue has been moved from the original, a bit remote location,  to the Jalonniemi shore, where it can be admired by both tourists and locals.

Ilmari Kianto Exhibition, Suomussalmi library, Kiannonkatu 31

The Ilmari Kianto exhibition at the Suomussalmi library presents the extensive production and colorful life of author Ilmari Kianto with pictures, texts, objects and multimedia performances. The Kianto exhibition is open during the library’s staff opening hours.

Karhula Vicarage, Ståhlberginkuja

Karhulanvaara hill in Suomussalmi is a culturally and historically significant area that has been inhabited since at least the 18th century. Elias Lönnrot is known to have visited the Karhulanvaara vicarage during his travels, and while living in Suomussalmi, the young Isa Asp was often a guest of Lilius’ family. Ilmari Kianto’s father and his family moved to Karhulanvaara in 1879, and Kianto wrote about life in Karhulanvaara in several of his works. At that time, the vicarage kept a large farm. Unfortunately, the  vicarage buildings were destroyed in the war, with the exception of a small storage house (from ca. year 1870) which has later been relocated in a different place on the courtyard.

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