Come to Stay!

The world is growing smaller and it’s more and more common to move abroad. Kainuu region in the heartlands of Finland welcomes newcomers with open arms. We have plenty of space here, and we need workforce and new entrepreneurs in many industries.  What are the main employment opportunities here?  What is it like moving to Kainuu and what kind of support is available for settling in? On this page we have gathered some useful information to get you started with your quest in Kainuu. On the pages you’ll find plenty more information on living and working in Kainuu – just follow the links and dive in!

Our Key Industries

The key industries of Kainuu have been defined on the regional plan and regional programme (Kainuu Programme). They are based on the region’s permanent advantages, natural resources and their sustainable utilization into products and services, as well as on the strong know-how. The key industries have great growth potential for both the domestic market and export. The key industries receive special attention among the development activities. However, regardless of industry, development resources are directed to the most effective areas in terms of regional development and in line with the jointly agreed goals of the Kainuu programme.

Our Biggest Employers

SMEs and micro-enterprises are very important for Kainuu’s business sector. Yet we have also some bigger employers in the region, from which we have listed some interesting examples below for you

At Home in Kainuu

Stories of Kainuu Lifestyle

In Kainuu, you have more time for yourself – it’s almost like you have more hours in a day. The regional capital Kajaani has gathered some resident stories for you to explore. What is it like to live in the Kajaani 26/7 time zone?

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